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Bishop Lab Members 2019

Back row (L to R): Hanzeng Li, Kyp Oxley, Bruce Hostager, Laura Stunz, Emma Hornick, Nateshia Wilson.
Front row: Amy Whillock, Gail Bishop, Tina Arkee, Tiffany Ybarra

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We are interested in the molecular mechanisms which underlie the processes of lymphocyte activation and tolerance. Our particular areas of current focus are in lymphocyte signaling and interactions between innate and adaptive immune receptors.

The following is a summary of key projects ongoing in the lab:

  1. How does TRAF3 regulate survival uniquely in B lymphocytes? How can this information be used to select more effective treatments for B cell malignancies?
  2. What is the role of TRAF3 in signaling and function of T cells?
  3. Approaches to the design of better vaccination strategies.
  4. Understanding the protective role of CD40 in diet-induced obesity.

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Lab News

  • Amy Whillock was awarded an individual Predoctoral Fellowship from the Dept. of Defense, and was selected for an oral presentation and Travel Award at the annual AAI meeting in San Diego, CA, May 2019
  • Tina Arkee was selected for an oral presentation and travel award to the International TNF Superfamily Conference, Asilomar, CA, June 2019
  • Emma Hornick was appointed to the Hematology/Oncology Postdoctoral T32
  • Gail Bishop was named a Distinguished Fellow of the American Association of Immunologists